X570 Mini Can Quantitative Filled Fully Auto AC Machine

Model X570
Catalog Refrigerant Handling System
Material Metal



A/C service station

Compatible for mini can refrigerant recharge

Accurately charge pure refrigerant

Refrigerant in the air conditioning systems requires 99% purity. In this context, workshop desired to charge the refrigerant from mini can vessel. X570 is the first A/C service unit compatible for both cylinder refill and mini can charge. Equipped with two scales for both cylinder and mini can charger, X570 guarantee the charge accuracy in ±5g for both cylinder mode and mini can mode. Integrated database includes more than 60000 vehicles models’ charge data, which provide the valuable reference for accurately charging. The neat design conbines easy handling, sturdiness and safety to make all maintenance operations simple and easy.

Mainly Function:

Quantitative filled compatible with both tank and mini can

Accurate filling of mini can of refrigerant by electronic scale;

60000 car database for accurately recharge;

Every operation step will be displayed in case of errors;

7” touch screen for clearly display