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At Kelvin HVAC, our team of engineers and technicians specializes in creating top-tier refrigeration units utilizing advanced technology and extensive expertise.

Kelvin has succeeded in producing high quality and competitively priced products due to the use of modern production technology and the minimal need to import parts and raw materials and sold them in the markets of Middle East countries. Kelvin’s export products include refrigerated containers in the form of CBU. and CKD and all kinds of sandwich panels, which are exported to the Middle East and CIS countries with installation and warranty services according to the needs and facilities of customer

We stand by you every step of the journey.

At Kelvin HVAC in the Middle East, our success is propelled by a team of highly skilled engineers, technicians, and industry experts specializing in HVAC and refrigeration. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services to our valued customers.

Check the refrigerator door and their technical tips

Today, refrigerators are commonly used to store a variety of foods, especially meat, poultry and fruit. Refrigerators must be well equipped. One of the things to consider is the refrigerator door. Home doors have different examples that can be used in different parts. There are a number of things about the refrigerator door that we are going to cover in this article about the refrigerator door, their features, the necessary equipment for the refrigerator door, the cost of building it, shopping malls and other important points about it for the people in question. Let’s review and guide you well in this regard. If you are planning to build a cold store or use different equipment, join us until the end.

Refrigerator room and its technical points

Today, in the transportation industry, the use of various containers that are important for the storage of many materials are of great importance. One of the things used for the transportation industry is the refrigerator. These rooms usually have different examples and sections that people can use to transport perishable materials. Refrigerators are usually intended for small and large sizes, and people can use these types of rooms to transport their perishable materials.

Refrigerated container efficiency

One of the types of containers that are widely used today is the refrigerated container. In many cases, problems occur in the transportation and transfer of many food items that need to be protected and stored under certain temperature conditions, for example, these temperature-sensitive items may be damaged during transportation or storage a certain place, rot and perish. Among these foods, we can mention chicken, meat, vegetables and fruits, etc., which need to be protected under certain temperature conditions, and this is difficult. Because there is a possibility of damage to these food items in the long run.

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