X548 Dual Gas Fully Automatic A/C Service

Model X548
Catalog Refrigerant Handling System
Material Metal


1、Compatible with R134a and R1234yf Refrigerant;

2、Recovery, vacuum, recharge and leak detection of R134a and 1234yf refrigerants are completely automatic;

3、Compatible for electric car, gasoline vehicle and hybrid;

4、Automatic internal system cleaning to avoid the mixing of different refrigerants and compressor oils;

5、Fully digital display and 7 inches touch screen with service prompt;

6、5 electronic scales for the weight measurement of R134a Tank, R1234yf Tank, PAG oil, POE oil, used oil;

7、Benefit from the deep recovery program, recovery efficiency is up to 95%;

8、HP/LP/HP+LP charge mode is selectable;

9.up to 20000 vehicle A/C service data base, addible and editable;

10、Print-out of completed services information;

11、The powerful query function can help to grasp the operation records of the equipment at any time;

12、New oils bottles with patent design prevent the oil from becoming contaminated by air and humidity;

13、Use high-sensitivity sensors to realize the leak detection of A/C systems and equipment;

14、Intelligent reminder for filter and vacuum pump oil changing;