Sandwich Panel MPW-T15

Type: Wall Panel

Thickness: 15cm

Surface: PPGI/PPGI 0.5+5 mm

Color: White RAL9016

PU Density: 40+2 Kg/m^{3}

Fire Grade: B2 or B3



Specification of construction and cold storage sandwich panels by KELVIN

1. Coating of Surfaces:
Galvanized or aluminum sheets (PPGI or PPGL) with thickness of
0.4~0.7mm in different colors (25microns of
silicon with 7micron epoxy primer coating). The coating of PPGI are
according to JIS 3312/9and PPGL
according to ASTM D3359.

2. Kind of Surfaces:
Metal sheet/Metal sheet
Metal Sheet/Thick nylon
Metal Sheet/ Aluminum foil
Aluminum Foil/Aluminum Foil
Metal Sheet/Kraft

3. Kind of Core:
Core of all sandwich panels made by polyurethane B1 and B3 grades with
density of 40+2 Kg/m3 by default
according to ASTM D635.