Friga-Bohn Evaporators 3CE-4364C (13.6KW)

The 3C-E range is designed for commercial and semi industrial refrigeration applications or low temperature storage. Guard design with air stream straighteners guaranteeing excellent air flow. The drain pan is designed with rounded corners and a base sloping toward the drain pipe to ensure maximum safety and hygiene. Supplied with factory wired fans as standard.


Friga-Bohn 3C-E Commercial And Semi Industrial Cubic Cooler

Key Features:

  • New super-efficient TURBOCOIL 2 Heat Exchanger – high efficiency small diameter copper tubes with turbulated aluminium fins.
  • Suction pressure gauge connection allows checking of suction pressure and correct performance of unit cooler.
  • Reduced dehumidification
  • Reduced frost formation
  • Increased air throw
  • Greatly reduced internal volume
  • Low noise levels
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very compact overall dimensions